Your Ideal Generator For Off-Grid Living

Freedom and independence are the 2-star attractions of off-grid living. Even then we still tend to rely on a power source for those electrical appliances that we can’t live without.

If you want to reap the benefits of remote-style working, the chances are you’ll still need to recharge a phone or laptop battery. So what’s the best way to have your cake and eat it too? How do you reconcile off-grid living with modern-day self-reliance?

Read on to find out how and why a top-quality petrol-powered generator is a solution.

Off-Grid Living Explained

Put simply, living off-grid means existing somewhere without using full-blown, commercial utility supplies.

One study suggests that 2 per cent of Australians currently live off-grid. Some may have access to “plug-in,” retail utilities but choose not to use them. They may create their own water supplies, grow their own food, recycle and generate their own electricity.

Living off-grid can also be a temporary lifestyle choice. Taking a holiday in a remote location can be extremely appealing, especially if you live somewhere that’s busy and stressful.

The size and climate of Australia make it ideal for outdoor living. As long as you can charge a phone and pick up a signal, there’s nothing to stop you from staying connected with the rest of the world wherever you are, should you choose to do so.

The Risks of an Off-Grid Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter how self-sufficient you may be. There’s always the danger that your primary energy source might fail. Solar power systems are not 100 per cent reliable at all times. Batteries have a limited shelf-life.

Just when you thought you had everything sorted, an electrical storm blows the flow of your self-generated, off-grid power source. The solution is to have a backup plan and that involves having an off-grid petrol generator at the ready.

Our Selection of Off-Grid Generators

If you’re travelling, a petrol generator may actually be your primary energy source. You can park up and take advantage of a simple-to-start generator. It can come with a 10-litre fuel tank that can offer up to 13 hours of run time at half load or 7 hours at full load.

If you’ve chosen a remote location for some peace and tranquillity, there’s no need to worry. You’ll find details of one of our favourite generators here. It emits a low noise 63db sound level.

There’s even the option to double up these quiet generators. You can do this by connecting 2 of our inverter generators in parallel. They come pre-fitted with parallel functionality along with the connection cable you’ll need.

There are other clever functions too. Smart controls take engine speeds down a notch for greater fuel efficiency depending on the load.

Meet Your New Besties!

Our petrol generators also act as an ideal backup solution for those living in permanent homes without access to the grid. Because they’re relatively light and easy to manoeuvre. They have wheels that can never go flat and a telescopic handle for easy transportation.

You’ll find 2 regular 240 Volt socket outlets. And there’s a built-in USB charger that enables you to safely run two appliances at once. You’ll still even have the 12 Volt charging capacity.

Let’s say you’re in the middle of a key DIY job at home and lose your regular power supply. There’s no need to panic as our generators will step straight in so that you can complete the job. They’re ideal for powering tools and running domestic appliances.

They offer high efficiency, stable voltage and increased output making them a great choice for running sensitive electronics from mobile phones to TVs and computers.

A Steep Rise in Self-Sufficiency

More than 20 per cent of Australian homes now have solar panels. The number is increasing at an installation rate of around 6 new solar panels every minute. Self-generated renewable energy is clearly better for the planet, but it can be more unreliable than plugging into the grid.

Not so long ago, choosing a location with mains power was a key consideration when building a new home. With solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and a petrol generator for backup, many people already run completely self-sufficient, off-grid homes.

There was a time when living off-grid once meant compromising on creature comforts. That’s not the case anymore. Solar power with the backup of a petrol generator means you can live sustainably without compromising your lifestyle.

What this means is that everyone now has the chance to enjoy more independence without losing their ability to stay connected to family, friends or the workplace. Off-grid generators have become game-changers.

For the Lifestyles of the Future

This new way of living looks as though it’s here to stay. Petrol generators are becoming quieter, more compact and easier to move around. They complete the circle so that you never have to experience a loss of power even when you’re living or setting up camp off-grid.

On days when the sun doesn’t shine or when your batteries are failing you, a compact off-grid generator is going to be your must-have appliance.

A Maxwatt digital inverter generator is the best portable power option. They’re light to carry, fuel-efficient as well as super silent. They’ll provide the electrical output you need to power all your essential appliances.

These off-grid generators have become an integral part of caravanning, camping and all types of off-grid living. They make remote working a reliable and realistic option 365 days a year.

You’ve Got the Power in Your Hands

Whatever your off-grid lifestyle, Maxwatt has you covered. Our technical team have created a state-of-the-art range of off-grid generators, backed up by a 2-year warranty as standard. They’ve incorporated the best components that money can buy. They’ve designed our petrol generators carefully to withstand the toughest conditions.

Whether you’re living permanently off-grid, working on a remote site or doing a spot of travelling off the beaten track, Maxwatt offers you the ideal off-grid generator solutions. Check out the full range here for convenience when and where you want it.

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