Petrol High-Pressure Washers

Finding the Right Petrol High-Pressure Washers: What You Need to Know

Are you shopping for petrol high-pressure washers? Portable pressure washer tools can have a wide range of uses, spanning from domestic at-home jobs to professional commercial cleaning operations. Cleaning boats or houses, removing graffiti from walls, washing outdoor patio furniture, getting dirt and debris off decks or patios, cleaning fences, getting grease or grime off grills, knocking dirt or mud off your vehicle’s wheels or undercarriage: these are just a few of the many applications that a high-quality, reliable pressure washer can serve. At MaxWatt, we are here to help you find the right petrol pressure washer for your needs.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer

As you shop around for a high-pressure washer, here are a few tips to help you compare and contrast different models — and ultimately, to help you pick the right product for you:

  • Consider your needs. A petrol-powered pressure washer is such a versatile tool in part because different nozzle attachments can alter the water jet stream and change the function of the tool. It’s this dynamic design that makes pressure washers just as adept at cleaning away grime, mud and dirt as they can be at scrubbing paint from walls. With that said, you’ll want to shop around with an idea in your head of what you need your washer to be able to do. If you need a heavy-duty, high-powered jet stream to strip away paint or work through other industrial-level applications, you’ll want to look for an industrial high-pressure washer with the power and the attachments to do what you have in mind. If you’ll mostly be using your pressure washer around your house, to keep the siding clean or spray down your patio furniture ahead of the summer season, you won’t need nearly as much power.
  • Know all the metrics. Just as you might consider a range of key performance indicators when buying a new automobile — horsepower, torque, fuel economy, towing capacity, etc. you will want to familiarise yourself with the notable metrics for a petrol washer as well. These include the horsepower rating of the engine, the pressure capacity of the washer (measured in PSI, or pounds per square inch) and volume/flow rate (or how many litres of water the washer can discharge per minute). Looking at these metrics provides you with some basic model-to-model comparison points that you can use to assess high-pressure petrol washers against one another. Do note that there can be quite a bit of variation here. For instance, with horsepower, domestic pressure washers will typically start around 5HP, with commercial or industrial washer models climbing into the low to mid-teens. Take this MaxWatt model, which lands at 7HP and is sufficient for most domestic and commercial uses.
  • Look at construction and design. Remember that pressure washers can be exceedingly powerful and versatile without being exceedingly large or heavy. Portability is important for the vast majority of pressure washer situations, simply for practicality’s sake. Looking for a compact, easy-to-transport, easy-to-manoeuvre model is important for making sure you will be able to use your washer when you need it and where you want it. Just make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality of design and build. A high-quality, durable steel frame is a must-have feature with your portable petrol pressure washer, as are rugged puncture-proof wheels. Petrol washers are often used on construction sites, in warehouses or other rugged environments, so a tough and rugged build is essential.

What Sets MaxWatt Apart Regarding Petrol High-Pressure Washers?

Whether you are looking for a commercial high-pressure washer or a rugged industrial pressure washer, we are here to help. MaxWatt has been working over the past several years to establish itself as one of the most reliable brands for a range of equipment, including generators, water pumps and pressure washers. The question, of course, is why home users or tradies should choose us over our competitors when it comes to pressure washing tools. Here are a few of our key selling points as an equipment manufacturer:

  • A tough and rugged range. From the beginning, we wanted to design our product range with durability in mind. We know that tradies are hauling their gear from site or site or using it in environments where fragility is simply not an option. And frankly, even for home users, we believe that providing equipment that will last is not just an option, but a responsibility. As such, we have crafted a full range of equipment that is tough and rugged, including our petrol-powered pressure washer tools.
  • Two years of warranty coverage. The added durability of our tools doesn’t just make them more reliable in tough work situations. It also means that our equipment lasts longer. We’ve all invested in products that didn’t deliver a satisfactory ROI simply because they broke or failed too soon after purchase. Our goal with our products is to avoid anything along those lines, which is why we stand behind everything from the MaxWatt brand with a two-year warranty.
  • Added fuel efficiency. While there are electric pressure washers out there, they don’t offer the power or reliability of petrol-powered washers. The drawback of choosing petrol, of course, is using fossil fuels, which is both more costly and more environmentally impactful. We’ve built our equipment with fuel efficiency in mind, to make our products more economical and more sustainable, with lower carbon emissions than many competing brands.
  • We have also strived to make our products as low-noise as possible. We know that the type of equipment we manufacture is often associated with irritating, noisy performance. We’ve worked on cutting down on noise to make our products more user-friendly.

What to Expect from MaxWatt When Shopping for a New Petrol Washer

As you look for a new home or commercial pressure washer, here are a few expectations you can bring to the table if you decide to choose our brand:

  • You may get a good deal. We offer monthly discounts on different products, ranging from our petrol power washers to our pure sine wave inverter generators. Keep an eye on our ‘Monthly Deals’ page for a chance to save on your purchase.
  • You may see our products at power equipment retailers throughout Australia. Our brand is relatively new, but we are growing our reputation and our word-of-mouth as a provider of quality power equipment. Throughout this process, we have continued to ally ourselves with more and more equipment dealers, which is putting our products in more stores throughout Australia. Sellers interested in becoming a dealer for us can learn more on our website.
  • You can expect superb customer support. Customer experience is important to us from the word go, whether that means answering frequently asked questions, providing easy access to manuals and resources for our equipment, making spare parts easy to find and purchase, providing an intuitive pipeline for returns and refunds, or simply being transparent about our shipping and delivery fees. If you have any issues with your order or your product, you can always feel free to reach out to us; we will do our best to resolve the matter expediently and in the most satisfactory manner possible.

Why Our Brand of Pressure Washer is Cost-Effective

Petrol high-pressure washers are pieces of equipment you should be able to rely on for years. You should be able to put the pressure washer away in your shed at the end of the summer season and have confidence that it is still going to work just as well next season. When you choose our brand for your pressure-washing needs, you can expect this kind of reliability and longevity — factors that make us one of the most cost-effective options for high-pressure washing tools. To learn more, or to get started, contact us today.