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Many travel enthusiasts may also be freedom fighters without realising it. They’ve plenty of wanderlust but prefer to stay off the beaten track. Self-sufficiency is part of the equation and that includes being able to function off the grid. How?

The answer is a portable generator: the key word here is “portable.” Long gone on are the days when a generator for travelling was bigger than your car or campervan. And, yet there are plenty of variations that can make or break a trip.

Power up your knowledge as we make a pitch for the invaluable camping generator.


Getting Away From It All

One of the many reasons travellers cite for getting away from it all is to find some peace and quiet, far away from any deafening crowds. Campsites are all well and good but there’s always the risk of noisy neighbours or that nagging obligation to participate in activities with others.

Getting out into the wild is a chance to reconnect with nature, become more mindful of what’s around you and be truly self-sufficient. You might perhaps also find your inner Bear Grylls along the way, although even he might crave some home comforts from time to time.

Charging up mobile devices and staying connected with home can be essential even when you’re away in the wild. That’s now possible with a portable generator, specially designed for travelling.

Keep Enjoying the Sound of Silence

There’s little point in immersing yourself in the calming countryside if there’s going to be the constant of a generator that sounds more like an ancient tractor.

Step to the front of the queue, the MaxWatt 3000IY and 2500IS. These are 2 of our portable generators, there to brighten up any trip away.

These super-quiet generators can withstand the toughest conditions. They also emit a low-noise of 67 dB & 63 dB respectively, similar to a dishwasher or air conditioner. And, each boasts a smart engine control feature that reduces the engine speed depending on the size of load for better fuel efficiency.

The respective 10 and 4-litre fuel tanks of these two lightweight, easy-to-carry, travel buddies offer:

  • Up to 13 hours of run time at half load or 7 hours at 100 percent load
  • Up to 5 hours of run time at half load or 3 hours at 100 percent load

Keep in Touch for Longer

Working from home or remotely is becoming ever more mainstream. Digital technology has removed some of the shackles that have long tied us to the office. It’s entirely possible to run a business from the middle of nowhere provided you have power.

You’ll now no longer miss the latest development in a business opportunity you’ve been working on. Keep abreast of updates about a relative or friend using a laptop or mobile device that won’t run out of battery life. Power is one of those top camping essentials that we can’t overlook.

The Maxwatt 3000IY and 2500IS have 2 x 15 Amp 240 Volt IP44 weather-proof socket outlets along with a built-in USB charger. They’re the ideal travelling companions for recreational caravanning or a camping trip.

Stay Safer with a MaxWatt Generator

Our super-quiet, petrol camping generators will provide a stable and clean power output. This is perfectly safe for all kinds of electronic devices including monitors, tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Portable generators can also offer extra security features that you may not have considered. They can light up a space at night, acting as a deterrent to human or animal intruders.

They’re also particularly useful if you are planning to arrive at a camp site late in the evening. They’ll provide you with the power you need to see what you’re doing, meaning you can unpack and get all your essentials organised before turning in for the night.

Carry on Cooking

Part of any camping or caravanning experience can be the chance it gives you to cook up a storm free of the constraints of regular mealtimes. The Maxwatt 3000IY and 2500IS let you power up the oven or grill whenever you fancy it.

So, whether you’ve foraged for some river mint or mountain pepper to make your lamb or veggie skewers even tastier, you’ll always be able to cook your freshly picked herbs and spices as quickly as a flash in the pan.

And, of course, you’ll never need to run out of the star ingredient of any drink: ice! Our portable generators offer you the freedom to continue enjoying all your home comforts but in new and exciting locations.

Going the Extra Mile

Our portable generators have plenty of star features that the competition finds hard to beat. First up, both are easy to carry or manoeuvre.

The Maxwatt 3000IY and 2500IS havequick-release telescopic handles and wheels making transportation a breeze. Each digital inverter generator also comes with a 2-year warranty as standard.

What’s more, if you need even more extra juice, you can double up by connecting 2 Maxwatt inverter generators in parallel without any extra purchase as they come fitted with parallel functionality.

These portable, petrol generators are:

  • Lightweight, sturdy, easily portable and practical to move around
  • Super-quiet
  • Safe for all kinds of electronic and digital equipment
  • Efficient, simple to use and easy to start up
  • Capable of parallel connection without the need for a parallel box
  • Able to withstand tough conditions
  • Free of any assembly requirements

They offer clean power that’s equivalent to the power you’d expect when at home. Our modern generators use the very latest inverter technology to ensure you will always have the best possible experience time after time. Start planning your next trip now with the MaxWatt 3000IY or 2500IS.

Adventures Made Practical with MaxWatt

The Maxwatt 3000IY and 2500IS can make more dreams happen by giving you the option of travelling with your own independent power supply. Whatever the reason for your travels, you’ll be able to charge up all your must-have appliances.

If you have any questions about any of our range of products, get in touch here. We’d love to hear from you.

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