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You need to consider:

  • What is the wattage capacity you require?
  • Does the generator have enough outlets to plug in all of the items I want to power?
  • How noisy is the generator?
  • Do you prefer a recoil or an electric start generator?
  • How large is the fuel tank and how many hours of operation will it provide?
  • Can the generator be easily transported?

If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!

It is very important to understand how many watts you intend to power so that you can make an informed decision on selecting the best size generator for your needs. If you choose a generator that is too small, you will not be able to run heavy-duty items such as fridges or effectively run essential appliances during a power outage. Furthermore, if you overload the generator may lead to its breakdown as well as damage to all appliances that are using its power.

Alternatively, if you choose a generator that is too big, you will be spending more on its purchase, installation, fuel, maintenance and repairs than is required or necessary.

Choosing a generator that is too big may lead to unnecessary costs.

The size of your generator depends on the number and type of electrical appliances that you plan to run. Heating and cooling appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators require a larger start up power and generally use a lot of power to run. You will need a bigger generator to power such appliances. Alternatively, if you want to power the lights in your house or the occasional small power tool, you can opt for a smaller generator.

It is also important to consider the start up power that the appliances require.

Equipment that has moving parts like fans and pumps consume a lot of electricity on start­ up, but do not require a lot of power to continue functioning. This is because the motor needs a lot more power to move from a stationary position to its normal running position. The power consumption surge when starting up these appliances can cause your generator to fail, even when its size capacity is sufficient for all your appliances’ running wattage.

Portable generators should never be overloaded; however, all Maxwatt portable petrol sets can provide a surge to their normal output for a short period (e.g. during start-ups).

For example, a 7kVA Maxwatt generator can deliver up to 5000 running Watts and 5500 starting Watts.

Important to note: If a generator is running for long periods of time with an overload (i.e. that is a rating above the maximum rating of the set) there are various things that may occur:

  • Overheating of the engine
  • Overheating of the alternator, which will burn out the
  • Breakdown in oil consistency causing low oil pressure and engine failure
  • Reduced generator lifespan.

These are all purpose-designed and built 4-stroke, overhead valve (OHV) petrol engines that comply with Australian EPA emissions standards.

The smaller models can be easily carried by one person using the integrated ergonomic lifting handle. Larger models have multiple lifting points and also Never-Flat wheels and handles for ease of portability; it is recommended for safety that they are handled as a two­ person lift or by one person using a mechanical aid. Please refer to our website for the weights of each respective model.

The inverter generator models are the quietest in our product range. The selectable ECO­ throttle switch, double-insulated acoustic enclosure and low-tone mufflers allow these units to run ultra-silently from only 59 dB(A).

Each model of Maxwatt generator has its own electrical output ratings that are expressed in terms of running power and starting power, both of which are measured in Watts. To select the right generator for your needs, please refer to the Generator Selection Guide on our website at www.maxwatt.com.au.

Due to the various manufacturers using different ways to determine their kVA ratings, the only way you can be really sure of accurately comparing generator outputs is by referring only to their continuous running power outputs in Watts.

The following Maxwatt models are an electric start: MX4000IS; MX7000ES; MX9000ES.

They are fitted with a 12 Volt Lithium Ion battery but can also be started manually using their built-in recoil starter.

To ensure the lasting quality of your ownership experience, all Maxwatt generators are covered by a 2-year domestic use warranty.
Please refer to the full conditions of the warranty that are clearly stated on our website at www.maxwatt.com.au.