Water Pumps

Water Pumps for Irrigation, Emptying of Tanks, Flood Relief and More

Water pumps can serve a versatile array of different applications, but their use ultimately comes down to one simple task: moving water from point A to point B. A water transfer pump can come in handy for irrigation purposes, empty tanks or swimming pools, flood relief applications, moving water on worksites or farms, and much more. At MaxWatt, we are proud to offer portable water pumps that are powerful, reliable, versatile and build to last.

What You Should Know About Water Transfer Pumps

There are a variety of considerations to keep in mind as you shop around for water transfer pumps. Here are a few key factors to keep in mind before you buy:

  • Know the difference between electric- and petrol-powered pumps. Similar to generators, power washers and most other pieces of power equipment, transfer pumps are available in both electric-powered and petrol-powered versions. Electric pumps can be plugged into a standard power outlet and are suitable for indoor use. Petrol-powered water transfer pumps are going to give you more power and a higher flow rate for water pumping but must be used outdoors or in well-ventilated areas due to emissions. All MaxWatt pumps fall into the petrol-powered category.
  • Consider your application for the pump. Some buyers purchase a transfer pump with a particular application in mind. Others, including tradies or commercial companies, may buy the equipment as an investment that can serve multiple needs as they arise. It’s worthwhile, before you purchase a new pump, to consider why you need it in the first place. It’s possible that the application you are targeting — be it dewatering a pool or tank, increasing pressure to water fixtures throughout the home, powering irrigation sprinklers or pumping water as part of a well system — will influence your decision about which transfer pump is best for you.
  • Look for warranty coverage. Whether you are installing a petrol water transfer pump somewhere to run consistently or purchasing a portable transfer pump that you can use for shorter-term needs, you want to make sure you are getting a durable piece of equipment that you will be able to rely on for years to come. One of the most telling signs of this level of product quality is the warranty, which can give you a sense of how willing the manufacturer is to stand behind their product. At MaxWatt, our pumps (and all the power equipment we manufacture) come with a two-year warranty. We design and build our pumps with only high-quality materials, to make sure they can function—and last—even in the toughest conditions. We want our customers to trust our products, hence the warranty coverage.

Key Questions to Ask MaxWatt about Water Pumps

If you decide to purchase one of our petrol-powered water transfer pumps, you will likely have a few questions about the transaction and what to expect next. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions we get related to our pumps or other products:

  • Do you have a retail store where I could buy this product? While MaxWatt does not operate its own retail store, we have, however, been building a network of registered dealers over the past few years. If you would prefer to purchase one of our products in-person, we recommend calling power product dealers near you to find out whether they stock our brand. Retailers interested in becoming dealers are encouraged to fill out this application form.
  • How much does shipping cost? Our delivery rates vary depending on the product, but we will always calculate the fee and display it for our customers at checkout so that they know how much it costs.
  • What is the policy on returns or refunds? We have a 30-day refund window on every product, if the buyer changes their mind. Read more about our policy on the refunds page.

Why Trust a Portable Transfer Pump from MaxWatt?

Between the build quality of our products, our two years of warranty on every piece of equipment we carry and our easy refund process, we believe that we are delivering confidence and peace of mind to every customer who chooses our brand. If you have any questions about our water pumps, do not hesitate to contact us directly.