The Right Generator for More Pleasurable Adventures

Stay Connected With Our Portable Generators

Many travel enthusiasts may also be freedom fighters without realising it. They've plenty of wanderlust but prefer to stay off the beaten track. Self-sufficiency is part of the equation and that includes being able to function off the grid. How?

The answer is a portable generator: the key word here is "portable." Long gone on are the days when a generator for travelling was bigger than your car or campervan. And, yet there are plenty of variations that can make or break a trip.

Power up your knowledge as we make a pitch for the invaluable camping generator.


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Everything You Need to Know About Generator Features

Are you ready to buy your first generator? Maybe you have an older generator but now realise that the market is far different than it was five or ten years ago. At Maxwatt we want to help you select the right generator for your unique needs, so we’ve put together a quick guide filled with everything you need to know about generator features.

Whether you’re searching for one of the quiet generators that won’t disturb the neighbours, or you need a portable generator for your worksite, we have the information you need to select wisely. Let’s get started.


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What To Look For In A Portable Backup Home Generator

A portable backup generator can keep you and your family safe, secure, and comfortable in the event you may lose power. Choosing a backup generator can seem like a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be.  Let's discuss a few things so you can make an informed and educated decision when choosing a backup home generator.

There are many different types of backup home generators on the market, so it's important to make sure that you get one with a four-stroke engine to ensure reliability and keep it running for many years. There are other things to look for also such as manufacturers' warranties that cover parts and labor for at least a year. Once you know what to look for in your home backup generator, the choices will become clearer.


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Camping Essential Must Have’s

Camping is an excellent way to get out of the city and back to nature. In today’s busy world, a break from the bustle can be essential for your health and wellbeing. But just because you’re roughing it in the wilderness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go prepared. There are some camping essentials you shouldn’t leave home without like a camping generator. Here’s a quick list of some must-haves for your next camping trip.


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Choosing The Right Portable Generator – What You Need To Know!

Choosing the right portable generator to meet your needs takes a bit of planning. You can always invest in the biggest model out there and hope for the best. By doing a bit of math upfront, however, you can save a good amount of money down the line. Here’s how to get your best value and meet your needs when investing in a generator.

 Wattage Capacity
One of the first things to consider is how much power you need. If you have too little, you won’t be able to run heavy duty appliances and you may find you can’t even power your essentials during a power outage. In addition, if you overload your portable generator, this can cause damage to both it and all the appliances in operation.In contrast, getting a generator that’s too big for your needs can result in you wasting your money on its initial purchase, the fuel, maintenance, and future repairs.

What do you need to power? Check out our list of common appliances and how much energy they use to calculate your best value and to make sure you cover your energy needs.

 Does the Generator Have Enough Outlets?
 You will also need to ensure you have enough power outlets to be able to run all the appliances you wish to.

If you need to have multiple appliances running at the same time, make sure you have at least the same number of outlets, if not more to do so. This will save you the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging things in order to stay in balance.

 Consider Noise
Is noise a factor? For some people, it doesn’t really matter how noisy their generator is as long as it gets the job done. If you’re doing something like camping, however, you might want to look at quiet generators. You don’t want to disturb the fish... or the sleeping neighbours.

Inverter generators are the quietest offered by MaxWatt. These models have a selectable ECO-throttle switch and low-tone mufflers among other features, to keep things quieter. This type matches your power needs instead of running continuously at top capacity.

Do You Need an Electric Start Generator or a Recoil?
Generators also have various ways of starting. An electric start generator has a start button. You simply flip this to start the engine. Easy. A recoil generator has a cord that you must pull in order to start the machine’s engine, however. A recoil start portable generator can be cheaper than its electric start counterpart, but it requires a bit more muscle strength in your shoulder to operate. Decide what suits you best.

 Transporting Your Generator
Thankfully, smaller generators can be easily carried by just one person. Lift it using the accompanying handle and you’re good to go.

Larger generators such as those found on a construction site have multiple handles and should be lifted and carried by more than one person. This type of generator often comes with wheels to make things easier. If you’re the only one who will be around to move your generator, a smaller model could be best.

 Fuel Tank Size and Hours of Operation
Finally, depending on how long you need power, you might need a fuel tank. Many generators run for up to 8 hours without any additional fuel. For continuous operation longer than this you can hire or purchase a fuel tank. This can be helpful at outdoor events such as weddings, festivals, and marketplaces.

MaxWatt is your experienced and reliable supplier of Brisbane portable generators. With over 20 years of experience in the power products industry, we have what you need! Contact us today for the best power solutions to suit your situation.

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