Inverter Generators

Choose Inverter Generators for Convenient Power Anywhere

Inverter generators are a must-have for anyone who enjoys camping, caravanning, and otherwise adventuring away from typical mains power connections. Designed to provide a more stable electrical sine wave through a triple-phase power generation cycle, these generators provide “clean” power ideal for both operating some types of appliances and for charging sensitive electronics, such as your laptop or mobile phone. Choosing the right power source for your next excursion off the beaten path requires some care and research, however.

At MaxWatt, we're excited to provide an extensive line of inverter generators and more purpose-built for the Australian market and the unique conditions we face. Backed by years of experience in the industry, we're ready to help you locate the ideal power source to suit your needs. What do you need to know about buying a nearly silent generator for recreational or personal use?

Common Mistakes People Make with Small Generators

Before you choose a unit to purchase, it may be helpful to consider what not to do. By learning from some of the common mistakes others make, you can be more confident that the unit you select is the right one for the job. Some typical errors include:

  • Choosing the wrong type of generator for the job. Know the differences between an inverter and regular open design generators. Check out the FAQ page for more.
  • Underestimating the amount of power you need to have available. It may be better to purchase a unit rated for a max load higher than you ever anticipate reaching on the principle that it is better to have extra capacity than to have too little.
  • Overlooking important factors such as fuel efficiency. There are operational costs to consider when selecting a generator, so beware of opting for a unit that consumes too much fuel for the performance you get in return. Luckily, you can count on efficient products when you shop within the MaxWatt range.

A Short Buyer's Guide for a Portable Generator

Okay, so what do you need to keep in mind as you explore the MaxWatt line of generators? To make the initial steps easier, consider following our basic buyer's guide. Here are some of the important things to know as you shop:

  • Calculate the wattage you will need. We've created a helpful guide to this process so you can take the necessary steps to purchase a generator that will always be able to meet your energy needs. A tradie generator should naturally have a higher power rating than units not designed for use as a professional generator.
  • Consider factors such as weight, which impact portability. More powerful generators tend to be heavier, although we've worked hard to make our entire inverter line as lightweight as possible for better versatility.
  • Consider factors such as start-up method, fuel tank size, and rates of fuel consumption. These will impact both ease of use and operational costs and should be a large factor in your decision.

What Sets MaxWatt Apart Regarding Camping Generators?

When you want to go camping and enjoy nature, a noisy generator doesn't exactly fit into the picture. What differences will you find when you choose a MaxWatt product? Consider some of what we've done to make our generators stand out on the market:

  • Our inverter generators are exceptionally quiet, achieving operational sound levels of less than 60 decibels. That's no louder than the normal din of conversation in a busy space, and when placed a short distance from where you need power, proves to be very quiet indeed.
  • You can choose to run our units in parallel right out of the box with a connection cable included. There's no need for additional hardware to put generators in series together, meaning you have plenty of flexibility to choose solutions that you can adapt to specific needs.
  • Each unit is lightweight and easy to carry, yet can still put out four hours of continuous maximum power with a full fuel tank. The versatility makes it well-suited for many purposes.

How to Troubleshoot Your Quiet Generator

Finally, it never hurts to know ahead of time how to handle some simple fixes when things don't seem to work correctly. Knowing what to expect from maintenance and troubleshooting could influence the decision you make. Here are some of the troubleshooting tips you'll encounter as an owner of a MaxWatt low noise generator:

  • Does the generator seem to run rough after start-up? It's likely the unit has run low on oil, which should be replenished with the appropriate grade as specified within the user manual for your specific unit.
  • Does the generator seem unable to provide enough power? Have you experienced overheating? Overheating is usually a sign of overload. Be careful to avoid taxing the generator too much and carefully consider how much of a load you're creating with your devices.
  • Encountering other problems? MaxWatt can provide answers, options for spare parts, and resources for contacting service centres to restore your hardware to good working order.

Why MaxWatt is a Cost-Effective Option for Trade Generators and More

When you purchase a MaxWatt generator, you gain a valuable asset that should deliver dependable performance for years to come. To safeguard your investment, we provide all buyers with a two-year warranty against defective manufacturing. With hardware comprised of the best available parts and carefully engineered to meet demands for pure sine wave power, you can trust in reliable and efficient power generation available for an affordable price. Explore these options now, or contact us with any questions and concerns you may have.