All The Support You Need When Taking Your Home Off-Grid

There’s something rather satisfying about lying back in your hammock and looking at the stars. There’s an added bonus when you can totally relax once and for all, knowing that your family home and farm can function independently with off-grid power.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into creating a solar-powered system that keeps you self-sufficient (well almost). Find out why you need a backup and the best types of quiet, petrol generators for the job as we examine all the right options.

The Benefits of Off-Grid Living for Homes & Farms

Take a trip to Western Australia. Huge Standalone Power Systems (SPS) there are beginning to revolutionise the way power is delivered to the front door.

A sprawling grid larger in size than the UK is getting replaced with local solar panels, battery storage and backup generators, Thousands of farms are set to benefit.

Electricity once travelled from coal-fired power stations over 200km away at an eye-watering cost-per-customer. Now, the power can have a journey of just a few metres. All the evidence points to SPS supplying more dependable power for regional consumers.

Cheaper and More Reliable

These customers are typically farmers who, until now, had been relying on a fragile power network often interrupted whenever a tree fell on the powerline. Thanks to standalone solar power options, power outages are starting to become a thing of the past.

Resilience is more crucial than ever as climate change looks set to increase the risk of bushfires, whilst making cyclones more intense. The danger of bushfires started by falling branches onto powerlines simultaneously declines with the increase of standalone systems.

Getting the Extra Support You Need

All this means we’re looking at a change to a greener, cleaner, safer and more reliable alternative. So, what’s the catch?

It is true that solar power systems and battery storage are not going to be 100 per cent foolproof. That doesn’t mean it’s a reason to fall at the first hurdle and go back to the old methods of delivering power.

On the contrary, there are ways to automatically ensure that power kicks in when your primary sources fail so that the supply always appears seamless and uninterrupted.

Meet the Terrific Trio from Maxwatt

Step forward a triumvirate of power generators: the MX9000AS, MX8000IS and MX13000AS. These powerhouses can automatically provide backup to recharge storage batteries and feed in power to supply the load when needed.

Each has a pre-installed 2-wire automatic control system. These systems get typically used in solar applications. Working in conjunction with a solar inverter, they kick in automatically to top up the batteries and then stop when the charge is full.

When these quiet, petrol generators detect a power outage, the engine begins automatically and turns an alternator, the power generating unit. It feels like magic!

Here’s the lowdown on each of the 3 generators on offer from Maxwatt that no off-grid home or farm should be without.

The MX9000AS

Solar off-grid power ready, this generator has a top-of-the-range SENCI Alternator, a spacious 40L capacity fuel tank that provides up to 16 hours of run time at 50 per cent load or 11 hours at 100 per cent load. It has a special muffler design to reduce noise.

The MX9000AS produces 7000 watts of constant power, and 7500 watts of top power at around 82DB. That makes it the perfect power solution for backup power at home or on the farm.

  • Features 2 x 15 Amp 240 Volt IP66 socket outlets

The MX8000IS

The MaxWatt 8000IS Petrol Inverter Generator is portable and lightweight with a low noise 68DB. Specially devised to integrate with off-grid solar power systems, it has a pre-installed 2-wire automatic start, run and stop control system.

The super-silent MaxWatt 8000IS has a rated output of 7000 watts with a maximum output of 8000 watts. It boasts a 26-litre fuel tank providing up to 11 hours of run time at 50 per cent load or 6 hours at 100 per cent load.

  • Features 1 x 15 Amp 240 Volt IP66 and 1 x 32 Amp 240 Volt IP66 socket outlets

The MX13000AS

The MX13000AS has a mega 45L fuel tank. It’s the largest in its class providing an extended run time with an integrated gauge and strainer. The running time is 10 hrs at 50 per cent load and 6 hrs at 100 per cent load. It also has a muffler design to reduce noise.

  • Features 2 x 15 Amp and 1 x 32 Amp 240 Volt IP66 socket outlets

Built to Last

Our team of experts has designed each generator to withstand the toughest conditions. Backed up by a 2-year warranty, all 3 generators have heavy-duty “never-run flat” wheels and are easy to transport.

Off-grid homes and farms aim to achieve autonomy by removing their reliance on shared powerlines. The subsequent lifestyle lets you live more responsibly and in a sustainable way.

Working remotely or running a farm off-grid still requires a constant and reliable power supply. Solar power and batteries will help achieve this but there are going to be times when you need a little extra help.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

The range of Maxwatt generators completes the circle. They allow for total peace of mind so that whatever power issues get thrown your way, you have a plan and the means to keep the show on the road.

Join the growing number of Australians hell-bent on saving the planet with a totally off-grid solution to their power needs. Take control of your future with the reassurance of a Maxwatt petrol generator. It’s a small investment to make for total peace of mind.

Make Sure You Get the Right Back-Up Today!

Maxwatt’s range of specially designed generators is the go-to backup solution. Designed for those whose homes or farms are off-grid, their pre-installed 2-wire automatic control system makes continuous power a certainty even when the solar power or batteries have failed.

Talk to us today for all our latest offers and complete your off-grid power experience with a quiet, Maxwatt petrol generator.

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