Get Dad The Perfect Gift For Christmas!

Getting a gift for the dad who has it all isn’t always easy. Tired of the same old ties and socks? Sometimes the best ideas require a bit of “out-of-the-box” thinking. For the do-it-yourselfer, the great outdoorsman, and the man who loves keeping things sparkling clean, an open design generator, a pressure washer, or a water pump can be an ideal surprise to unwrap from under the tree. Help dad upgrade his equipment or add to it with these extremely useful machines from MaxWatt.

Inverter Generators

An inverter generator offers you a more efficient way of generating electricity in situations where you can’t easily plug into the main grid. Acting as a giant battery, this is the perfect portable power station! Ideal for powering mobile phones, computers, and small appliances while on the road.

Attractive for the family that likes to go camping and caravanning, inverter generators throttle the engine up and down electronically to meet your electricity demand instead of running full tilt, all the time. This means you need to top up the fuel for the generator less often. In addition, compared to some other generators, this type is quieter and produces fewer emissions.

Dad is sure to be excited to power up one of the best Brisbane portable generators on his next camping trip!

Open Design Generators

An open design generator is a petrol-powered machine that helps you get the job done anywhere and everywhere. These generators from MaxWatt come as an all-in-one unit seated on a portable chassis. Keep Dad’s projects running all year round!

This device is a go-to powerhouse on construction sites or anywhere you need a large amount of electricity to get the job done. MaxWatt offers six choices of Brisbane open design generators with varying degrees of output. Wheels make for easy transportation. Say Merry Christmas by getting dad powered up and ready to tackle any project!

High Power Pressure Washer

Does he love to keep the car clean and the backyard deck impeccable? A petrol-powered pressure washer can be used to remove dirt from boats, houses, car undercarriages, patio furniture, fences, grills, and more. MaxWatt pressure washers come with a reliable two-year warranty and various nozzle attachments for numerous uses. Rugged wheels allow for easy movement, and special design features bring added fuel efficiency.

Keep him smiling and the furniture looking brand new. Win-win!

Petrol Powered Water Pump

Having a reliable and effective water pump on hand when you need it can be invaluable. MaxWatt water pumps can be used to empty swimming pools, engage in flood relief, move water on worksites, power irrigation systems, and more. A water pump removes the need to transport larger amounts of water by hand from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Of note, petrol-powered water pumps must be used outdoors for safety reasons. Only use these machines indoors if in a very well-ventilated area.

Help Dad transfer water with confidence!

MaxWatt is a family-owned business based in Brisbane with a proven track record in providing customers with some of the best solutions in high-quality open design generators and power products. With over two decades of experience working in the power products industry in various capacities, we know exactly what your project needs. For the best in inverter and open design generators, pressure washers, and petrol-powered water pumps, turn to MaxWatt this holiday season and delight Dad with a quality-built surprise. An inverter or open design generator can help power your next camping trip and can be conveniently used around the home or workplace too.

Wow him this Christmas with the best gift of all, for years to come!

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