What’s Best, Solar Power Or An Inverter Generator When Camping?

Heading into the great outdoors for a relaxing camping trip can be an extremely rewarding experience. There’s something quite magical about being immersed in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. The time away can be therapeutic in many ways, helping our stresses melt away.

Still, there are always benefits to the comforts of our daily living that can be missed. Being able to get away from civilization in an RV or Camper while also having a source of power for electronics may offer the best of both worlds.

But what is the best way to power your outdoor adventure? There are really two options: An Inverter generator or solar power. Let’s look at what the two options have to offer and see if we can conclude which is the best choice for your next camping trip.

Inverter Generators for Camping
Generators are a tried-and-true source of supplying power and have traditionally been the default choice for campers. There are, of course, pros and cons of generator power.


  1. Reliability – Generators are very reliable and all you need to ensure they keep running is fuel, with no external considerations (i.e. weather).
  2. Rapid Charging – Using a generator to re-charge your batteries is much quicker than relying on the “trickle” charge of solar power. Your battery charger can be hooked directly to the AC power output from your generator for a fast charge.
  3. Direct Power – Charging your batteries with an inverter generator may be quicker than solar, but the other benefit of a generator is your appliances can connect to and be powered directly by the generator rather than running off batteries. This is particularly useful for devices that require a large amount of energy.


  1. Emissions – As with any gas-powered device, there will be some gas emissions from your generator. This means when using a generator, you will want to be responsible with your usage and conserve power when possible. It is also critical to have proper ventilation when running an inverter generator.
  2. Noise – Some generators can be quite noisy. When you’re out enjoying nature, you don’t want to make too much noise and distract from the beauty of the outdoors. When choosing a generator, if noise is a major consideration, there are some quiet generators such as this MaxWatt 2000W Generator that you may want to consider.
  3. Bulk and Weight – Generators can be heavy and take up a good amount of space. You’ll want to make sure that if you are using generator power for your camping trip, you either choose a more compact option or ensure that you have adequate space.

Solar Panels for Camping
A somewhat newer solution for camping power—at least in comparison to generators—is solar panels. These panels harness the energy of the sun to turn it into usable power for your appliances and devices.


  1. Environmentally Friendly – Solar panels emit no greenhouse gases and are the cleanest form of energy possible.
  2. Silent – Solar panels are completely silent, so the only sound you will hear is what is produced by the equipment you run off the panels.
  3. Easy Maintenance – Solar panels require little to no maintenance.


  1. Cost – Getting solar panels set up can be very costly. While a high-quality generator is an investment as well, solar panels cost much more.
  2. Weather Dependent – When relying on solar power, you are also relying on Mother Nature to provide clear sunny skies. When weather is cloudy, your power output will drop significantly.
  3. Slower Charging – Charging batteries with solar power takes far longer than an inverter generator charge. In addition, solar panels will struggle to power energy-hungry appliances that an inverter generator can handle with ease.

Final Verdict
While both the inverter generator and solar panels have their pros and cons, for the best overall experience and to ensure that you are never waiting on power to be renewed, we believe the inverter generator is the more practical choice.

There are some great inverter generators for camping available from MaxWatt, that offer a range of power outputs and a variety of different features. These Brisbane portable generators are a fantastic, and quiet option for your next camping trip.

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