Inverter Generators V’s Conventional Portable Generators

When looking for a generator to purchase, you must know the difference between an inverter generator and a conventional portable generator. While both inverter generators and conventional portable generators are designed to provide power when there is no electricity available, they have different features which make them ideal for various applications.

Let’s look at the main differences between the two.

Inverter generators use a currency type called AC and it’s produced by an alternator. The AC current is then converted back into direct current (DC) via a microprocessor. Inverter generators are regarded as a “clean electric source” because there is less harmonic distortion. This also makes them ideal for use with sensitive devices like mobile phones, laptops, and TV’s.

Conventional generators are also good options for many power applications, using an alternator to generate an AC. However, they are better suited to power non-sensitive devices like power tools etc.

Conventional generators are the heavyweights of this bout, capable of generating over 10,000 watts of power! On the other hand, inverter generators typically generate between 1,000 to 7000 watts, ideal for camping or powering smaller appliances on RVs.

Fuel Efficiency
Conventional generators typically consume more fuel with an efficiency of about 100 watts per litre.

Inverter generators are designed for maximum fuel efficiency, and they typically consume 3 liters of fuel per hour when running at 50% load, which is comparable to a modern compact car.

Several factors determine the portability of a generator, such as weight, size, and handling. Conventional generators are not designed to be portable because they are too heavy and bulky. Therefore, they tend to stay where they are used and only transported when the situation demands it.

Inverter generators may be smaller and lighter than conventional generators. However, inverters can be easily moved from one place to another because of their lightweight and compact nature.

When generators create power, they also create noise. Conventional generators tend to be noisier because the engine rotates at a very high speed, which gives it immense power output.

Inverter generators are equipped with advanced technology that reduces noise levels while increasing power efficiency. This allows inverters to run smoothly without generating excess noise.

Parallel Connection
Conventional generators cannot be connected to provide more power at once – they can only be connected one way into the main supply.

Inverter generators use a parallel connection that allows multiple units to be connected, so you can have twice as much power if two inverters are used simultaneously.

Over the years, conventional generators have evolved in terms of emissions. They are now designed to meet environmental standards and can generate less noise while being more fuel-efficient.

Inverter generators are also designed with a compact engine, producing even fewer emissions than conventional models. They also feature an eco mode that reduces the generator’s workload.

When Should I Use An Inverter Generator?
All in all, there are many situations where using an inverter generator could be better than a conventional generator – which one you choose will largely depend upon your requirements and preferences.

Inverter generators are ideal for small to medium-sized applications where you need a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient power source.

When Should I Use A Conventional Generator?
Portable conventional generators can be used in larger applications like construction sites or farms, where you’ll use them for extended periods of time and noise isn’t a concern.

They may also be used in homes prone to natural disasters such as flooding or strong wind gusts because they will start up instantly even if there is a power outage.

Either generator is sure to provide you with the electricity you need, but you must know exactly where and when each should be used so you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Where To Find Generators in Brisbane?
Inverter generators and conventional generators are great options for different people in different situations. If you’re thinking about caravanning or traveling off-grid, then consider an inverter generator. Sure, they are a little more expensive, but they are quiet and fuel-efficient. If you’re a tradie, looking for a workhorse, then a conventional generator will fit the bill. Big on power and affordable, you’re sure to find what you need at MaxWatt.

Established in 2017, MaxWatt is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in a range of high-quality power products and generators. We’re passionate about providing high-quality power products and generators for your home or business.

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