The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Petrol Generator

Buying a petrol generator can be an extremely useful machine to have around. Sometimes you need a bit of extra electricity, and sometimes you need a lot. When it comes to investing your dollars in a new generator, the biggest question to be answered is, what do you need your generator for?

Different needs require varying types of electricity generation. You want to make sure you get the best portable generators for your use in order to keep your environment efficient and safe. From job site generators to home backup generators, and generators built for recreational use, each petrol generator is designed differently for specific uses.

Job Site Generators
Many people working in skilled trades require the use of a portable generator. If you work on a construction site without access to a power outlet, a robust open design petrol generator is the ideal choice for helping you get the job done. Designed for industrial use, MaxWatt open design petrol generators range in power from 3.5kVA to 13.5kVA. These generators come on a portable chassis, and emit an imposing level of power. Our most powerful 13.5kVA generator can power you up for up to 6 hours on a 100% load, and keep you going for 10 hours on a 50% load. With a huge fuel tank that’s the largest on the market at 45L of fuel, you can rest assured your job site’s daily electrical needs will be answered uninterrupted.

Home Backup Generators
Are you looking for a generator that can supply your home with power in case of an emergency? Do you power your home on solar and sometimes run low on electricity? Or, perhaps you live in a remote area that has frequent outages? A home backup generator can keep you going when electricity is cut. This type of generator can help you stay warm, (or cool), and prevent your food from spoiling, which is a huge plus! Home backup generators can also be useful for small businesses that may be in need of a backup source of energy.

MaxWatt’s 8000W pure sine digital generator is the perfect solution for these situations. This durable machine is portable, lightweight and a low noise producer. With added fuel economy on low idle mode, this generator covers your bases and keeps you powered up when you most need it.

Generators for Recreational Use
Recreational generators are suitable for camping in the bush, and other time spent away from the local electrical grid. When shopping for a generator to power your campsite appliances such as a toaster, your computer, or a blender, quality inverter generators are your best choice. This type of generator produces a lower level of power compared with a job site generator, for example. It does so by creating a more stable sine wave. This brings you “cleaner” power that won’t surge and cause damage to your appliances. (Using a larger generator to power your cell phone can cause damage).

MaxWatt has a comprehensive selection of high-quality inverter generators ranging from those that generate 2000W up to 8000W. Portable by hand or on wheels, these generators can power your curling iron at a lower end, and meet the needs of an entire food truck on the upper end. You can stay connected and have all the modern perks of home when away from home.

Buying a petrol generator is an investment you want to do right. At MaxWatt, we have high-quality inverter generators and the best in open design petrol generators. Our full selection offers durable, five-star technology you can rely on.

Shop online today and contact us with your inquiries. We are happy to help you make the smartest decision regarding your specific needs.

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