Become A MaxWatt Generator Dealer in South Australia

Small businesses in Australia dominate the stage. The pandemic has hit many people hard throughout the last two years with almost half of all businesses in the country experiencing difficulties due to disruptions in the supply chain, but things are finally looking up. With borders reopening for travel and lockdowns over, the economy is coming back to life. Now is the perfect time for a change. By adding new products and services to your business, you can potentially strengthen your position in the market, allowing for increased future growth.

Are you looking to diversify your product lines? If you already sell or service power equipment products, becoming a MaxWatt generator dealer could be an ideal route.

What is a MaxWatt Generator Dealer?
We are currently seeking established companies in South Australia to partner with us. MaxWatt specialises in selling generators of all types, petrol high-pressure washers, and water pumps. A  MaxWatt dealership gives you the opportunity to stock high-quality MaxWatt products in your store, offering customers the power and reliability they need to get the job done. You can also become a MaxWatt service provider. If your customers are searching for products online by Googling terms like “Adelaide inverter generators”, “South Australia petrol generators”, “Adelaide water transfer pumps”, or “Soth Australia petrol power washer”, we could be a good fit.

Who Can Become a MaxWatt Generator Dealer?
Established businesses that currently have a solid following in the power products market are our focus.  For example, our dealers are often companies that already sell outdoor power equipment for job sites. In addition, businesses that sell camping and outdoor leisure equipment and hardware supplies for personal or commercial use are within the realm of the MaxWatt market. Typically, our dealers sell and service a range of power equipment from major brands. These include SP Power, Westinghouse, Hyundai, Briggs and Stratton, Yamaha, and Scorpion. Adding MaxWatt to your product selection increases the availability you can offer your customers, allowing them to access expanded brand choice.

As a potential MaxWatt dealership, you are seeking to add new brands to your shelves, improving the options you can offer to your customers through high quality, dependable power equipment for commercial and personal use.

MaxWatt Products
Our established product lines include:

  • Worksite generators
  • Home generators
  • Leisure generators
  • Inverter generator
  • Open design petrol generators
  • Petrol high-pressure washers
  • Water pumps

Our generator selection ranges from a 2000W pure sine wave leisure generator to a 13.5 kVA petrol worksite generator with a 4-stroke overhead valve 688 cc engine. MaxWatt power washers are portable, easy to use, fuel-efficient, and highly effective. Our water pumps are ideal for flood relief, emptying tanks, and ensuring the irrigation of crops runs smoothly.

The Benefits of a MaxWatt Dealership
As an authorised MaxWatt generator dealer, your customers can make the most of the increased brand selection in your store. As a seller or service provider, you have access to several perks. These include:

  • Preferred dealer pricing on all our products
  • Access to our complete range of spare parts for resales and repairs
  • Exclusive access to MaxWatt sales and marketing
  • Access to after-market technical support

MaxWatt is a family-owned business based in Brisbane, since 2017. Prior to developing our own company, we gained decades of experience in the power equipment industry and have worked hard to bring the best technology to the Australian market. Our products are well-crafted and designed for the unique needs of Australian businesses and our public. By partnering with us, you help share the joy of providing premium power equipment products with those who need them for the best leisure and work experiences possible.

Contact us today to become a MaxWatt dealer.