Our best generators for tradies!

Having the power you need to get your work done allows you to not only get through your day but accomplish your goals and vision. Tradies know that reliable, continuous power is essential to success. Whether you work in the construction industry, or in farming, ranching, mining, or some other job that takes you to a remote location,  regular access to electricity is a must. Without adequate power, you’re stuck with a simple panel saw and screwdriver, which probably won’t get you too far!

What type of generator should you choose as a tradesperson? Your choice really depends on your power needs. At MaxWatt, we have a full selection of open generators perfect for tradies. Offering a remarkable amount of electrical power, these machines are perfect for powering up high-demand equipment like air compressors in tough environments to keep you going all day long.

13kVA Petrol Generator
The best generators for tradies can offer an impressive array of capabilities. You want to select one that can meet your needs. If your generator is too small and can’t supply you with enough electricity, you could place undue strain on its design. This could cause your generator to fail. When forced to attempt to supply more power than it really can, your generator could shut down automatically or overheat. If this happens, you could potentially damage both your generator and the appliance or tool it is powering through capacity overload.

With the MaxWatt 13kVA petrol generator, you get our largest and most powerful generator perfect for powering heavy loads. This generator can provide you with 10,000-watts of continuous power, as well as 11,000 maximum power at 82db. With a massive 45-litre fuel tank, you get a full 10 hours of run time when using this generator at 50%. When running it at full throttle on 100%, you get access to 6 complete hours of portable power.

Powered by a fuel-efficient 4-stroke overhead valve 688 cc petrol engine, this machine comes manufactured to Australian emission controls standards for your cleanest power yet. A larger muffler reduces noise levels. Power two appliances at the same time with an RCD safety switch. Covered in a heavy-duty steel roll-over frame, you get maximum protection in rugged environments.  You can’t go wrong!

9kVA Petrol Generator
For jobs that require slightly less continuous power, the MaxWatt 9kVA petrol generator is a consummate choice. Equipped with a 40 litre large capacity fuel tank, this powerhouse can provide 7000-watts of continuous power and up to 7,500-watts of maximum power at 82db. Get along 17.5 hours of running time when the machine is operating at 50%. When running at a full 100%, you still get a stunning 14 hours of power. As with the 13kVA generator above, with the 9kVA you can also run two appliances safely simultaneously.

With the support of our two-year warranty, you get peace of mind with this durable and reliable tradie generator.

7kVA Petrol Generator
MaxWatt’s 7kVA petrol generator is our smaller job site generator, ideal for tough situations with lower energy demands. With 17.5 hours of running time on a 50% load, and a full 14 hours when running at 100%, this generator is ideal for powering your job site. A low oil alert sensor, along with a 40 litre fuel take, a heavy-duty roll-over frame, and wheels for easy transportation make this generator an ideal choice.

Keep your worksite powered up with reliable, and durable generating power that stands the test of the toughest environments. At MaxWatt, we have the best generators for tradies around. Shop now.

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