Cleaning With Power: The Uses of High Pressure Washers

“I can’t get no satisfaction,” bemoaned Mick Jagger in one of the Rolling Stones’ biggest hits. Had he been familiar with high-pressure washers, the lyrics may have been somewhat different.

Those who’ve ever experienced getting rid of muck and dirt off a filthy pathway or a deck using a petrol-powered pressure washer know it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. For a start, it dwarfs the time it takes to get a job done compared to scrubbing or using a cloth. Secondly, the look of the completed job is incredibly satisfying.

Using a pressure washer comes with incredible satisfaction but there are things you should know. Read on for all the tips that’ll help you get to grips with pressure washers and all their versatile uses.

Spruce Up Those Outdoor Areas

One of the great bonuses of using high-pressure washers is that you get instant results. Concrete, driveways and paved areas tend to attract grime and dirt. Manipulating a high-pressure washer feels a bit like “colouring in” except in reverse.

As you move the nozzle backwards and forwards the original tones of what you working on reveal themselves. It’s like turning back time. You can also use petrol-powered pressure washers on windows, outdoor furniture, and shade sails as well as:

  • BBQs, bins, gutters and plant pots
  • Cleaning up insect nests after the effective use of insecticide
  • Motorbikes and mountain bikes
  • Kids’ play equipment and fences

High-pressure washers are also great for removing algae and mould in outdoor areas that build up over time. Additionally, you can clean your lawn mower with a pressure washer.

As high-pressure washers are quite powerful, it is important to consider your safety while operating. Remember to always wear protective eyewear and ensure the areas you plan to pressure wash are clear of objects such as kids’ toys or household tools. If you spray these accidentally they can fly up and cause injury.

Additional Tips:

If you’re planning to repaint the outside of your home, save yourself time and use a high-pressure washer to strip off the old paint first.

When pressure washing windows, start on a low-pressure setting. Only ever increase the pressure gradually. Some glass can be fragile and the same applies to wooden fencing and wooden decks.

If you’re planning to repaint any fencing, then giving the old fence a power wash first will really help you get maximum effect. Always let the fence dry for 48 hours after power-washing and before repainting.

Commercial Cleaning Options

Pressure washers are versatile tools that aren’t just for residential settings. Businesses that use heavy machinery or equipment should invest in high-pressure washers. These businesses include:

  • Airport services, car dealers and farms
  • Amusement parks, golf courses, bars, restaurants and retail outlets
  • Swimming pools and breweries

Petrol-powered pressure washers are able to get rid of mildew and mould before they get out of control. If mould goes unchecked for too long, it can lead to damage to painted surfaces and even concrete.

Additional Tips:

Restaurants, bars and shops can attract more customers and increase foot traffic by keeping the areas in front of the storefront clean and enticing by using a high-pressure washer regularly.

Pressure Washing Boats, Trucks and Cars

You can use high-pressure washers to clean virtually any vehicle. As pressure washers boast a fair bit of power, you need to arm yourself with a few precautions before you set your high-pressure washer on your prized yacht or beloved car. If you get it wrong, you could do significant damage.

Some high-quality petrol-powered pressure washers have an integrated tank which is incredibly useful as you can insert car detergent and degreaser into these. These tanks are included in Maxwatt’s 3200PSI petrol high-pressure washer and the 4200PSI petrol-pressure washer.

How to Use a High-Pressure Washer On a Car

  • Always try to wash your car at the coolest time of day
  • To rinse, use a wide spray fan setting and not a circular pointed jet
  • Stand a metre and a half away from the car
  • Use sweeping motions, start at the top and work your way down
  • Add specialist car detergent to the integrated tank for the main wash
  • Switch to the softest settings for delicate parts like windows and lights
  • You can use more powerful settings for wheels and tyres.

Additional Tips:

Point the nozzle at the ground for the first burst of water when turning on. Avoid pressure washing on a gravel service to mitigate the risk of chips caused by flying stones. Most importantly, remember to close all car windows.

Don’t use a strong spray on areas with paint scratches or on old tyres.

Never power-wash the engine.

Always check for leaks inside the vehicle after an initial spray.

Stay Safe When Using High-Pressure Washers

Although fun and satisfying to use, pressure washers can cause injury and damage when not used properly.

The spray is also capable of throwing up objects that hit and injure others who may be close by. Using petrol-powered pressure washers also carries the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning so you should avoid using them indoors.

Important Safety Tips:

  • Never point pressure washers either at yourself or others
  • Don’t try and move objects around using the spray of the washer
  • Never let children use pressure washers
  • Keep children and others away from the area when in use

High-Pressure Washers Are a Smart Investment

Good quality petrol-powered pressure washers are the must-have tool for all homes and businesses. They can help to maintain the condition of machinery and cars for longer too. And, they can also make the front of retail outlets look more inviting with a clean entrance.

For more information on pressure washers, contact us at Max Watt or visit our website today.

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