Create Your Own Pressure Washing Business

Check out the key drivers of a successful startup and the need for a great business idea is likely to top the list. It’s the one ingredient a new venture cannot do without.

Startup costs, timing and a competitive pricing strategy are all part of a well-thought-through plan too. But, where do you find that golden nugget of an idea that you can run with?

Find out why investing in a petrol-powered pressure washer from MaxWatt could be the start of a long and fruitful business venture.

Why Start a Commercial Pressure Washer Business

The number of micro-businesses in Australia grew by 10 per cent in 2022. That figure is more than 3 times the growth in the small businesses sector. Micro businesses will typically have 1-4 employees, and at the last count, there were 1,55 million of them.

More people appear to want to grab the bull by the horns, work for themselves and take back control of their professional lives. It allows them to pick and choose when and for how long they wish to work.

Pressure washing is a business that almost anyone can start. There are few supplies required to do the work. It can even be a lucrative side gig, a full-time operation or an add-on service to an already established cleaning, lawn-mowing or gardening venture, for example.

Look the Part with a MaxWatt Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer

If you’re going to take pressure washing seriously and turn it into a business venture, you need the right equipment. Anyone can buy a pressure washing tool from a local DIY store, but many of them are simply not built to last or to perform as part of a professional operation.

We’ve built the MaxWatt 4200 psi pressure washer (the MXPW4200) using only high-quality components. We‘ve designed it to withstand the toughest conditions.

There’s a powerful 14HP engine that drives the Italian Annovi Reverberi pump. This petrol-powered pressure washer will tackle dirt and stains that other power washers can only dream of dealing with.

The pressure that a cleaner puts out gets measured in psi (pounds per square inch). It’s a key consideration in the choice of a pressure cleaner as it has a direct impact on cleaning performance. Most over-the-counter pressure washers will have a psi of between 1000 and 1900 psi. The MaxWatt has formidable 4200 psi.

Key Advantages of the MaxWatt Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer

Selling your service means having professional-looking equipment. The MXPW4200 is a commercial standard machine, ideal for:

  • Blasting paths and driveways clean
  • Restoring roofs
  • Cleaning trucks, cars or boats

It boasts an integrated tank that lets you add a degreaser or detergent to suit the application. Our designers have come up with 5 different tried and tested nozzles to suit any kind of job. This includes tackling and cleaning:

  • Concrete and brick masonry
  • Sidings and gutters on any kind of home
  • Fencing, decking and patios
  • Lawn gear & vehicles: ideal for removing deep-set mud in hard-to-reach places

The puncture-proof wheels and steel frame of the MaxWatt petrol-powered pressure washer mean it’s strong and sturdy.

Most electric models are simply not powerful enough. They also have another distinct disadvantage: they need a power source. Petrol machines on four wheels are more maneuverable and less restricted by the need for an electricity supply. You can use them to reach remote areas and easily move them around between cleaning jobs.

Getting Started

So you’ve made your choice about which pressure washer is going to be the right match for your new business. What other considerations should you be taking into account?

Key to your success will be deciding on what kinds of services you intend to offer. Are you going to be a stand-alone power-washing business? Is power-washing simply a valuable extra available to customers whose lawns, gardens or homes you already look after?

You’ll also have to set rates before you market to potential clients. Initially, it might be easier to attract a lot of clients with lower prices, but this needs to be worth your time and effort. Do your own research by finding out what other pressure washer companies in the area are charging so that you are competitive.

How You Intend to Charge

When determining a pricing structure, consider if you plan to charge by the hour or per project. If you prefer to charge per project, do plenty of practice in advance. This will ensure you know exactly how long it will take to perform typical jobs such as driveways, windows and walls.

Build in the petrol, detergent and travel costs too, as well as your intended profit. Get your banking and credit card payment services sorted too. The Australian government has plenty of useful information about the options available. Read here for more.

Establish Your Marketing Channels

Marketing includes everything from word-of-mouth to online listings and social media. Get business cards made that have your business name and contact information on them.

Although having your own website is always worth considering, using social media and online service listings can be as effective. Photos and videos are great for promoting businesses and pressure-washing offers absolutely ideal photo opportunities.

Everyone loves “before” and “after” photos along with videos showing how quickly and effectively pressure-washing can make such an incredible, visible difference. As a pressure-washing operation, you already have a distinct marketing advantage over other kinds of small businesses.

Use the visual impact of what you do to the max. It’s well worth enlisting the help of a professional photographer. Better still, use your networking skills to find a friend or family member who may be able to help with assembling a photo portfolio.

The Best Commercial Pressure Washer

We believe the MaxWatt 4200 psi petrol-powered pressure washer is the best of its kind on the market. Backed with a 2-year warranty, it’s available wholesale, making it the ideal choice for all would-be entrepreneurs ready to set out on their own business adventure.

Find out more about the range of high-quality products MaxWatt is able to offer. Contact us today.


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