Open Design Petrol Generator

Choosing the Right Open Design Petrol Generator

The open design petrol generator is a classic workhorse for tradies, builders, and others working on job sites where there is no easy way to connect to electrical power. An all-in-one unit set on a portable chassis, this type of petrol-powered generator typically can put out an impressive amount of electricity — ideal for the high-demand equipment of the tradesman or the construction site team. Choosing the right generator is more than just a matter of finding one rated for the power draw you expect to create. Reliability is important, too, and cost is an especially decisive factor in any decision you may make.

At MaxWatt, we’ve worked hard to tick all the boxes by creating a full line of industrial open design generator options suitable for demands both large and small. Let’s look at what you should keep in mind when exploring our products, then look at how to maximise the value of your investment.

When Buying a Petrol Generator, Consider This

What are some of the most important things to look for when selecting a generator? Guaranteeing that you will have enough power on the job site is essential for providing good service to your clients. Some factors to consider:

  • Power ratings are particularly important. Please consult our materials to calculate the amount of power you need carefully — then add a little more on top. If you have doubts about which of our petrol generators is best for your needs, please get in touch.
  • Look for generators with an ample fuel capacity. No one wants to have to stop work frequently to refill fuel, or worse, leave the job site to purchase additional petrol.
  • Consider noise. Although not often an issue on larger job sites, residential trade jobs requiring generators may be a different issue. Look at the noise rating on each generator for an idea of their loudness.

What Sets MaxWatt Apart Regarding Industrial Generator Options?

Why is our MaxWatt brand specifically the right choice for your business? When you consider our credentials and the effort we've placed into the development of these products, it's easy to see why we're the right choice for petrol generators.

  • We've created a diverse range to suit differing power needs, from those who only need occasional power to those who need to run heavy-duty equipment in the course of their daily work.
  • Our generators are rugged, built tough to withstand Australian conditions and to remain portable on the job site with heavy-duty wheels that can stand up to tough terrain.
  • We proudly stand behind the products we sell, attaching a 2-year warranty to all new generators. Our customers can trust in the fact that they have the manufacturer standing behind their purchase.

Tips for Getting More Value From a Commercial Generator

Purchasing a generator is a significant investment, even if it is a business expense. It makes good sense to do everything possible to maintain the value of your purchase by properly caring for the unit. What can you do to extract as much value from a new generator as possible?

  • Keep track of the maintenance that you perform on the generator to maintain a regular upkeep schedule. For example, you should periodically change the oil in the generator just as you would in your car or other equipment.
  • Drain the oil and gas tanks if you do not plan to use the generator for long periods. While you may think you're saving time later, allowing fuel and oil to sit unused for a long time may result in problems when you try to start the unit again.
  • Never overload the unit and always be careful to balance the load to maximise performance and unit life.

About MaxWatt

MaxWatt is an Australian-based provider of industrial petrol generator solutions alongside inverter generators designed for more basic power generation outside of a work context. Family-owned and run, we have decades of experience to draw upon, and we've used our understanding to build strong supplier relationships, sourcing premium materials to produce every MaxWatt generator. We pride ourselves not only on quality products, but on uncompromising standards for customer service. Contact our team today for help finding the generator right for your job site.