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Powering Up for Christmas: MaxWatt’s Ultimate Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps on giving, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine giving a power boost to a friend or relative that’s going to make their lives easier for years to come.

Let us take you through some of MaxWatt’s most versatile gift ideas. Original, exciting and useful, they’re this year’s must-haves.

Don’t be a secret Santa. Bask in the glory of giving life-changing gifts like portable power stations or petrol-powered generators.

Portable Power Stations: The Gifts of Convenience

These open a whole new world of opportunity. Think of portable power stations as something like the power pack you might use to charge up your smartphone, only much, much bigger!

If you have a friend or relative who likes adventure or enjoys working remotely in the wild, portable power stations have their name written all over it.

Portable power stations are game changers. One of their big attractions is that they create an opportunity for independence. You no longer need to rely on a grid connection once you’ve used up your laptop or smartphone‘s battery power.

And you can use them to run cooking appliances or virtually any device that you’d usually plug into the mains supply. A portable power station is the ideal gift for those who enjoy:

  • Fishing or boating trips
  • Camping and caravaning
  • Hosting outdoor movie nights with friends

You can use a portable power station to keep the beers cold, to grill the steaks and veggies or to power up a string of lights.

The Range of Portable Power Stations

MaxWatt offers 6 different Portable Power Stations. Each has slightly different specs depending on how much power you need and for how long. They range from 1800W rated wattage to 300W rated wattage.

The easiest way to decide which is right as your ideal gift is to tot up the wattage of the items you wish to power. Figure out how many hours you’ll want to power them for. If it’s 3 hours, multiply the total wattage by 3. You can then match that to the Portable Power Station that’ll best suit your needs.

All the portable power stations come with AC and USB outlets as well as a wireless charging pad. They also have super-fast charging outlets for Type-C port electronic devices for added convenience. You can recharge the lithium batteries in the power stations themselves using a car battery, solar panels or a mains connection.

Here’s the complete range of MaxWatt Portable Power Stations:

The MXPRO3600I: 1601,5Wh (1800W rated wattage & a 3600-watt surge wattage)

The MXPRO2600I:  1310.4Wh (1300W rated wattage & a 2600-watt surge wattage)

The MXPRO2000I:    1019Wh (1000W rated wattage & a 2000-watt surge wattage)

The MXPRO1600I:    891.7Wh (800W rated wattage & a 1600-watt surge wattage)

The MXPRO1200I:       509Wh (600W rated wattage & a 1200-watt surge wattage)

The MXPRO600:          265Wh (300W rated wattage & a 600-watt surge wattage)

Power Washers: The Gift of Cleanliness

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a power washer turn a grimy tiled path into a sparkling new walkway. It’s like having your very own magic pen that turns dark into light in an instant. If you’ve never tried using a power washer, you should!

The great benefit of owning a pressure washer is its versatility. You can use it to clean up all sorts of everyday items. These include:

  • Cars, caravans, utes and boats
  • Jet skis, motorbikes and bicycles
  • Driveways, concreted areas, fencing and paths
  • Exterior doors and windows

Using a pressure washer has an added bonus. If you keep many of the items on our list cleaner, you’re likely to extend their lifespan.

MaxWatt’s petrol high-pressure washers are a cut above the rest. We’ve built them to last. Our 3200PSI Petrol high pressure washer cuts through grime in an instant. It’s ideal for cleaning muddy wheels. The tough steel frame is easy to manoeuvre on its puncture-proof wheels.

The MXPW4200 Pressure washer makes light work of bigger jobs. An integrated tank means you can add car detergent or degreaser to suit the application.

Each pressure washer has five different nozzles, comprehensively tested to ensure intensive spray pressure for years.

Generators: The Gift of Reliability

A portable petrol-powered generator is another game-changer. We might associate them with emergencies or roadside maintenance, but they have far more uses than that.

Again, if a friend or relative is a camping or fishing enthusiast, this is the gift for them. You can run all sorts of devices and useful electrical items off a petrol-powered generator. You can be out in the wild and plug in your esky or grill as though you were at home.

Petrol-powered generators are independence makers that allow you to keep using all the creature comforts you’d usually plug in at home. If you want to give a gift to someone you know who loves living off-grid or who enjoys organising outdoor events, this is the ideal Christmas gift to empower them.

You may also perhaps know a friend or relative who wants to try their hand at an outdoor catering business, serving street food, for example. Giving them a generator could be just the incentive they need to get cracking on their new business venture.

MaxWatt has a huge range of leisure generators. They range from 2000W to 6000W. They’re all super silent and lightweight. We have lots of home generators, too. They make ideal gifts for those living off-grid. They’re the ideal power solution for a job site, campsite or if you just need it for backup power at home or the office.

Make a Difference this Christmas with a Gift From MaxWatt

It doesn’t matter if you choose a portable power station, one of our petrol-powered generators or a power washer. You’ll make a massive impact on the life of your chosen recipient.

Quality counts, and we’ve built all our products to last. Each also comes with a comprehensive warranty. Check out the MaxWatt range and make Christmas extra special this year by giving a loved one a gift from MaxWatt.

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